Top 3 things girls do that make boys heads hot.

angry man

Girls I’ve done some research, I’ve gone out and asked a few guys what we do that pisses them off the most. I’ve sifted through all the silly responses, and picked the 3 things boys repeatedly brought up that us girls do which really gets their eyes twitching. What I didn’t tell them is that I was wildly triggered by some of the things that they brought up. So, instead of just going off at my fellow sisters, I’m gonna drop some inside info on how we can cause less headaches, whilst defending why we do it in the first place.  Read more

Gentrification and why I’m one Costa opening away from riding out.

It starts slowly. So gradual, that at first you don’t even notice what’s going on in the area you’ve called home for as long as you can remember. You see signs for new developments being built but you think nothing of it. You heard somewhere that there’s a housing crisis and as you map out the streets which connect to make your town you realise how many of those streets have people living literally on them. Maybe these new houses are a good thing? But for these developments they need space, so they tell you the homes you’ve walked past every single day have got to go, along with the people inside them. But still, you think nothing of it. Those houses were old and rundown anyway, they’ve needed to get rid of them for a while, and it’s not like they’re just going to kick people out right? You tell yourselves they’ll be rehoused somewhere better. For a second you envy them for being able to get out of the area you frequently call a shit hole. Then comes the coffee shops, the hip funky now millenial spaces, the restaurants that sell 5 wings for £5.99 and along with them comes faces you’ve never seen around here before. You pause for a second, for the first time you realise home doesn’t look quite like home anymore. All these new shops opening are expensive as shit but I guess they’re trying to finally improve the area right? As you sit in the backstreet salon or barbers you overhear chatter about the rising rent prices. Again you think nothing of it, seems like a problem for uncle. Then shops that you’ve been getting meat at for years start closing out of the blue. The man who sold peppers on the market disappears as does the women selling creams, the man selling fake gucci bags goes next and you find yourself missing the smell of fish guts on a brisk Sunday morning. Corner shops are being replaced by Sainsbury’s locals, and Tesco express’s, nail shops are closing and now your paying double for a full set. As you start noticing your wallet thinning you think back to a time where everything wasn’t so pricey. What happened? How could you miss something that was going on right under your nose. As the outward appearance of your area improves, the roads they have newly paved and painted seem to have more people on them. Crime is rising but everything looks so much better now so how could that be possible? You sit in Costa and ponder over this. Never connecting the dots that the thing young wealthy whites like even more than coffee is drugs and someone has got to sell it to them. Someone desperate. Like a child whose mother used to to sell creams on the market and whose father ran a barbershop that now has two parents out of work. Their building is scheduled for demolition and they have 3 months to find somewhere new to call home but for some odd reason house prices have shot up and they can no longer afford anything in the area. The area you so proudly declared a shit hole doesn’t look so shit anymore but at what cost? The people who have lived and worked here for decades are the ones who have to pay the price, but they can’t afford it.

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Grow up.

Growing up is a choice. Becoming an adult doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t just wake up one day with your childhood a thing of the past, it is a decision. Every time you open your eyes to find yourself blessed with a new day, you have to decide to be an adult.


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Do happy people exist?

Do happy people exist ?
People who smile from their hearts, not through grit
People who aren’t split
In two
At the thought of another day
People who don’t crave attention but reject it when they deem the conversation, negative
X Negative, makes for positivity
But how many times must the negative multiply till I’m okay. How much more negativity can I take.


Argumentative. Outspoken. And unapologetically Jaydee.