Dry Phone Syndrome

The lack of dings makes things quiet
I don’t notice when I’m out with friends
Well not until we hear a ..
Then we pull out phones and all look down
More dings.
But my phone doesn’t make a sound
So I pull them back in the room, we put down our crutch
But when they leave it’s quiet
Check whatsapp. Check twitter. Check snap.
The message reading “you okay baby, you good what have you had to eat”
I have not yet received
And it’s still fucking quiet.
I’ve entered dangerous waters, aka my contact list
Scrolling, scrolling, no’s, ew’s, delete and a couple you’re not that bored, come on sis
Fuck this
I don’t want to talk to anyone anyway
I reach for my phone so fast I almost break a nail
A little white box appears, who is it ?
Fucking hot. mail.
And it’s quiet again
God am I ugly ?
Just let me know
I realise the lack of messages could be taken as a sign
Because why else would my phone be so dry
I let out multiple frustrated sighs, then
Ding !
I try not to get excited
But my heart shifts anyway
The notification reads: whatsapp
It’s about time someone messaged me today

“Yoo ..
How you doin boo?”
Ughh go away, not you.



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